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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Childhood of Teddy and Daisuke

Please accept my apologies for my absence. I could not get any privacy and internet access because of my terrible accommodation at the moment. Trust me, it's close to hell. What else could go wrong? My game crashed thanks to Windows Vista! But thank goodness Teddy and Daisuke are safe and I managed to recover as many pictures as possible.

The pictures below are the pictures of Teddy and Daisuke's childhood. It's a little different from the story. The setting is still in Daisuke's old house and his parents are still together. My game decided to go crazy and let Daisuke bring a friend back from school, which was Teddy. 

No matter... the point is that you get to see how Teddy and Daisuke look like when they are little kids. But still, now that my game is up and running, I plan to get the pictures according to the story line.

Those three above are for fun ;)

Sorry about this one. My old game did not have enough expansions for the hack to work. 

Aren't Teddy and Daisuke just adorable??? Especially Teddy... look at his eyes!!!

P/S: That is Daisuke's mother in the background.
P/P/S: After two more short chapters of Teddy and Daisuke's childhood together, I will be moving on to teenage life as there really isn't much animation available for their cute childhood love in my imagination.

Just a little bonus...

Daisuke's parents before they go their separate ways.

Monday, May 11, 2009

To ease the wait...

While you wait for Teddy and Daisuke pictures to be uploaded here, I serve you oreos, milk and.... a new download! 

I am actually giving this download away because I discovered that someone already downloaded it from my mediafire files. By the way, a big thank you goes out to the people that downloaded Teddy and Daisuke and also to the people that left comments on the post and the chat box. Sorry I can't personally thank you because you didn't leave your names :(

OK... this download is suppose to be a sim celebrity. She is Angelina Jolie. But her name here is Angie J. I tried to make her as similar to the real person as possible but I still feel she's not perfect and the more I tweak her, the more I'm likely to destroy her x]

Tell me what you think about her. The pictures below are in game. (I threw her into an apartment and got some snapshots. That's why the place looks awful)

CC list:

P/S: I know, I know... where are Teddy/Daisuke pictures. Please give me a little more time. I am busy away from my computer and when I get to really sit down, I don't get much privacy. It's not easy to make a Yaoi scene when parents are watching >.> 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Junge Liebe - Chapter 2

Teddy Slimmer_

My finger tips trailed the surface of the ball as I watched my mother. She took one last glance outside before turning around and closing the door behind her. Her eyes were filled with suspicion and from that look I knew that she was not satisfied about something, not satisfied with the guests. She turned her head to me, threw her hands up and said, "Why did Mrs. Eto walk away from my offer? Doesn't she care about her son's education?" 
I rolled my eyes. Here we go again.
"Maybe she is really poor?" I forced the question out of my mouth as she walked into the kitchen. I never like talking to her about her work. That's not even suppose to be my job. It should be her husband's job to talk with her about work and adult stuff. Sometimes I wish she'd find my father and marry him. But nothing is ever that easy.

My mother let her hair down. For once she looked her age. I watched her hair bounced in silky, dark waves. She calls her tired face "The signs of hard work" whenever she looks into the mirror but I'd like to think of it as signs of over work, torture and trying to be too perfect. "You might be right, Teddy," she said. "I think they are so poor that they don't own a car and have to walk back home."

Her words brought me to think about them, over and over, like an old silent movie. Throughout dinner, I kept thinking about how they got back home, where they live and what food could they afford. I looked down at my delicious pork chops and felt a deep sense of guilt. My mother was looking at me with concern, "Ted, what's wrong? Your pork chops are getting cold."

"Mom, don't you feel pity for the Etos? We need to help them!" I snapped. 
"Well, hold on there, young man," she pointed out as she sat down her knife and fork. "What do you mean by we?"
Oh no! She's giving me the suspicious look! 
"Errr... well," I frantically plot a strategy in my head. "You can give Daisuke a scholarship. That way his mother will accept it."
Shaking her head, "Teddy Slimmer, I can not just give a scholarship to a boy that has no academic achievement! I can not just violate..."
"No, mom. You won't. I'll help him get good grades." I pressed my thumbs together and lowered my voice, " That's the we part."

She suddenly shuts up. Her eyes moved away and back to me again. I can tell that she's trying to read me. To figure out the motive of my offer as she knows that I don't usually offer help, especially on anything that has to do with her job. She secretly knew how much I hated going to her school, making good grades and be the perfect son to her.

Ting! The oven bell broke the silence between us. She blinked hard as if she lost focus. "I'll think about it," she said before she got up to attend to the desert cookies. "Finish your dinner or no cookies!" she added.

I drew a soft sigh of relief and ate my dinner with comfort. I hoped that she's no longer trying to figure out my motives. Honestly, I don't know what my motives are. Everything that happened minutes ago was totally impromptu. I just have these feeling I couldn't explain. The feeling that made it right for me to do anything to bring myself closer to Daisuke. I pondered about this feeling over dinner and desert. My mind was set on figuring out myself and at the same time imaging how would it be if we meet again, face to face. Even in my sleep, the vision of a fainted Daisuke hovered in my dream, just like the moment I saw him before he opened his eyes. 


When I awoke, the vision had gone but I felt excitement inside me. It kept my mind alert as hours flew by and I waited patiently for my mother to talk about the Etos. I didn't care if it'll take me the whole day, all I wanted was for it to happen.

I got down from the bus and waved goodbye to my friends. As I made my way to the front door, I noticed that my mother's Mercedes is not where it should be, not there at all. She should be back now, unless...

What if, I thought. Could she have taken action so soon?

I made my way into the house, tossed my homework near the stairs. My nose caught the smell of cheese from the kitchen, it was Wilber, fixing me my grilled cheese sandwich. He called it the Monday Special. Sink your sorrows into melted cheese, he'd always say. My mother is always thankful for the au pair. She'd say that I will starve to death if I'm home alone. 

My body sank into the chair beside the counter, my eyes having the perfect view of the driveway. I'd wait there for my mother when she's late because of meetings but I recall clearly that she had no other extra activity. I could tell that Wilber was glancing at me from the corner of my eye.

A sudden thought came to my mind. Could my mother be sleeping with Wilber and that is why she has no interest in other men? It could be possible! I may just be a kid but is my mother pregnant and she's at the doctor's right now? I took in a deep breath when Wilber wasn't looking. Enough, I told myself and tried to gather enough courage to make a normal conversation with Wilber.

I pulled my hand behind my head, trying to look as innocent as possible. "Hey Wilber, do you know where my mom is? She should be home right now. Is she in trouble?" By the way, are you sleeping with my mother?

Wilber laughed. 
He could be, I thought. But he's old...

"Don't worry, Teddy," Wilber assured me. "She told me that she have to meet a Mrs. Eto about some scholarship business."

My eyes opened wide and I can't help but glare a big smile. Wilber must have thought that I'm smiling because the sandwich is ready and it smelt good, but I'm really just smiling because I can't wait to meet him. Can't wait to meet Daisuke again. But this time, he's awake.