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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Childhood of Teddy and Daisuke

Please accept my apologies for my absence. I could not get any privacy and internet access because of my terrible accommodation at the moment. Trust me, it's close to hell. What else could go wrong? My game crashed thanks to Windows Vista! But thank goodness Teddy and Daisuke are safe and I managed to recover as many pictures as possible.

The pictures below are the pictures of Teddy and Daisuke's childhood. It's a little different from the story. The setting is still in Daisuke's old house and his parents are still together. My game decided to go crazy and let Daisuke bring a friend back from school, which was Teddy. 

No matter... the point is that you get to see how Teddy and Daisuke look like when they are little kids. But still, now that my game is up and running, I plan to get the pictures according to the story line.

Those three above are for fun ;)

Sorry about this one. My old game did not have enough expansions for the hack to work. 

Aren't Teddy and Daisuke just adorable??? Especially Teddy... look at his eyes!!!

P/S: That is Daisuke's mother in the background.
P/P/S: After two more short chapters of Teddy and Daisuke's childhood together, I will be moving on to teenage life as there really isn't much animation available for their cute childhood love in my imagination.

Just a little bonus...

Daisuke's parents before they go their separate ways.

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